We have already discussed the main signs that indicate rebuilding your website is better for your business.

Now let’s look at those times when refreshing your website content is the simpler, most efficient option for your business.

In the era of smartphone use and high speed internet, your potential customer have high speed demands. They don’t have time to “let their fingers do the walking” or make endless calls questioning the basics.

They want quick and easy to access information that answers their basic questions about your business.

So how do you know if your website is meeting this challenge?

Consider these five reasons that indicate your business website is due for a content update.


You are out of date

Apart from the copyright 2013 notice, shining examples that your website content currency is outdated include a description and picture of Robbie the CEO – a man who has not been been involved in the business since double denim made a comeback. No, the time before the last time.

Other indicators that stand out (and turn off) your audience you are out of date include ancient social media, credit card, PayPal icons, or even your old logo.


Your website is full of glaring errors 

By glaring errors we are talking about the type of major oversights that indicate to potential customers a lack of quality control.

Some common examples:

  • Your business contact phone number is actually Sharon’s in accounts. And although Sharon is lovely, she is not the main reception you are hoping website users will call.
  • And the location page includes a Google map that hasn’t worked for quite a while, but that isn’t such a bad thing because you just realised the address on that location page is wrong anyway.


Your website is full of dead ends

When clicking on a link is the road to nowhere, or a 404; in internet speak, or the link simply takes the user back to your homepage, you are creating a oneway street to BounceTown.

Users will exit your website quickly when they are frustrated by the mislabeled links


You have left so much out

Not so elegantly put, but huge omissions in your online content are a big turnoff. Since it is 2017, it would be nice for that timeline of your organisation history to continue past your move to your new premises in 2012.


You are failing to thrill with poorly presented content

While you may have content it is just plain boring, or there are so many words condensed on the page that even you can’t be bothered reading it. Or worse (it’s okay, admit it, we won’t tell anyone) as well as offering huge chunks of text no one will be bothered reading, you paid an overseas company to complete your copywriting and now you are stuck with content full of grammatical mistakes and funny little sayings. The result? Sure, to the naked eye there are words on the page. But on closer examination that they are just not appealing to your local audience.


If even just one of these five reasons resonated with you, it could be time to engage professional copywriting services like White Bear Digital to help you update your website content. The internet is a fast moving medium, and it is important to keep up-to-date with to ensure your website is reaching its target audience.

Whether you want advice about how you can update your content yourself, or need a professional service to create fresh and attention grabbing content for you, our Brisbane based team of local content experts can help you get your website to page one on Google searches and get found by more people.


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