Simple is best.

We are told this so often:

CoCo Chanel warned us to take one extra accessory off before we left the house.

The KISS principle reminds us to, ‘keep it simple stupid’

And then there is that often use phrase, don’t make it so complicated.

So what does this all have to do with your webstore?

A lot.

Cart abandonment occurs when a user loads up their virtual shopping cart full of goodies, only to navigate away from your online store at the last second without completing their purchase.

Retailers calculate their rates of cart abandonment by dividing the total number of completed transactions by the total number of transactions that were initiated by shoppers.

And the average rate of cart abandonment? Researchers estimate between 67.89% and 71.39% online shoppers carts abandon their carts.


Luckily dealing with the walk-aways does not take a major strategy – at the heart of reducing cart abandonment is one concept: keeping it simple.


Our two part review the biggest reasons people leave their online cart shows how your webstore can improve its sales process and reduce abandonment.


Reason One: It’s just all too hard

First, we like to drop our online shopping cart and exit that virtual store when it all becomes too hard. Whether it is a slow loading form, too many forms adding up to a complicated sales process, or forms that ask for the same personal details over and over again, annoying your customers at checkout is a big reason they abandon their cart.

Simple Solution One: Offer a simple one page checkout that fast and easy to complete.


Reason Two: The webstore is too slow

A slow loading checkout loses customers. Your website must load in under 2 seconds or it will be abandoned by shoppers. In fact 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. If your checkout loads at a snail pace, expect your customers to leave, and importantly for 79% of them never to come back again.

Simple Solution Two: Give customers a smooth checkout with quick loading pages and forms. To get an optimal load time, review your webstore process, and look at your hosting, plus review what tools you are using that impact on your website speed. For example clean up your code to reduce the file size, remove any unnecessary redirects and plugins and minimise your image sizes for immediate results.


Reason Three: You made your customers register

Including a mandatory sign up for a one off purchase is a huge turn off.

Forced registration to buy may get you valid a growing database of valuable user information and marketing data, but it also is increasing the risk that potential customers will abandon their cart.

Simple Solution Three: Give your customers the option of speeding up their shopping experience by checking out as a guest.


Reason Four: That coupon button

The coupon button is a distraction. If you include a voucher code or promo button on your checkout page, be prepared to actually offer regular promotional codes.

And add that coupon button with caution – research shows that acts as a prompt for save shoppers to leave a website in search for a coupon or better deal. Unless you intend to use it regularly, remove it.

Simple Solution Four: Remove a coupon button if you won’t regularly make use of it, or regularly offer your customers coupons in emails or even on your website to keep them loyal.


Reason Five: Shipping Costs

Many carts are abandoned by shoppers shocked by the cost to post their selection of goods. Research indicates that 35.7% of shoppers leave a cart when they become aware of the shipping costs. Especially with larger online retailers offering free or flat rate shipping, it is important be upfront about your costs.

Simple Solution Five: Give your online shoppers the certainty they want. Shipping costs, or how they are calculated, must be clear and easily available at multiple places on your website.


By decreasing the number of shoppers who leave their cart you can increase your online sales. Review your sales process to ensure it is simple and user-friendly.

Offer your customers simple solutions to checkout, and don’t given them reasons to walk away from your webstore with fluid and uncomplicated process.

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