Frequently Asked Questions

White Bear Digital offers affordable SEO services and digital marketing, including website content, online advertising campaign management and blogging services.

Our personalised approach to online content management can help your business increase its online presence and grow its audience.

These are the questions we are asked most frequently asked about how our services add value to Australian businesses online.


Does White Bear Digital outsource?

White Bear Digital does not outsource any of its client work. If we do not have the capacity to complete a client’s SEO, social media or online content creation task, do not accept the job.


How are you better than the people who send those SEO emails I keep getting? They are dirt cheap.

Those emails you are receiving are for services generated in bulk overseas.

If you use these service providers, it is difficult for you to get a remedy if the job is not completed properly, and in our experience there can be many problems with communication.

If you choose White Bear Digital, all our work is created especially for you and completed in Brisbane, by skilled Australian workers. That means your content is written by locals using local English, with colloquialisms, not just banging in some keywords in non-sensical text. Or worse for your website’s SEO, by a foreign-created mechanical process that regenerates formulaic SEO and reuses previous blogs and content.


How do I know I am getting bang for my buck?

White Bear Digital offers a range of service options, and provides constant and consistent feedback to clients.

We issue detailed end of month reports that draw from a number of sources to help continually improve campaigns and target the right audience, including:

  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite
  • Facebook Insights
  • Websta
  • Twitter Analytics
  • LinkedIn’s Analytics
  • Google+ Insights
  • Pinterest Analytics


How long until I see results? 

Success is never instant with SEO, and the worst action a client can take is to tinker with the process before it has a chance to work.

While it can take up to six months for Google’s search engines to index changes to your website, you should expect to see some change by at least 12 weeks.

While you are waiting to see the results of your SEO, it is important to continue to build on your SEO work and assist your search engine ranking by:

  • Regularly publishing fresh quality content on your website, such as blog posts;
  • Linking content to your website – both internally on the website and externally to other relevant websites; and
  • Promoting the website and your fresh content on social media (and not just linking to your homepage).


Why don’t I just buy ads?

Purchasing pay-per-click ads on search engines or sponsored posts on social media is one strategy for improving your website’s page rank.

However extensive research indicates that a website’s improvement in search engine page ranking is short-lived, and only lasts for the length of your ad campaigns.

For long-term sustained gains and a true growth in your audience, your website’s organic ranking must also be improved. This can only be achieved through traditional SEO strategies.


What is your turn around time?

Completion time depends on many different variables, including the services that you require.

Timeframes are negotiated when we reach an agreement for our services.


What is your experience?

White Bear Digital has successfully worked with a broad range Australian websites: from major makeup brands, health supplements, medical practices to online retailers of fashion accessories, fitness professionals and gyms, not for profit organisations and community interest groups, building suppliers and renovators, construction companies, property developers and legal firms – the list is long and varied.

Our point is that no matter the industry, the principle of getting a website to page one on a Google search is the same. And we have the experience doing it.