Getting followers on Facebook is a hard enough task. Once you have those hard-fought likes, keep your followers engaged and build an even bigger audience with these five simple to execute strategies that will organically improve your Facebook Insights.

Improve your audience without paid posts. Organic posts can perform well, it is simply a matter of knowing what works for your audience and implementing a strategy that will boost your organic reach.


Include an Image

Our Facebook news feeds are overflowing with content. Do you laboriously read each and every post? We didn’t think so.

So don’t expect your audience to find your posts without a kick arse attention grabbing image that stopping them scrolling.

People are lazy and scrolling or scanning is now second nature.

A Meme or informational post (don’t forget we are open on Monday’s Public holiday!) has its place, and there are always instances where a quick text post is better than nothing (check out new stock just in, or today’s special) but if you have the time, add an image.


Say it Simply

Now that you have grabbed people’s attention with your image, pull them in with an attention-grabbing headline.

Support your headline with post content that is short but interesting and contains a call to action that relevant to your audience.

Research indicates that Facebook posts with 40 characters or less receive 86% more engagement compared to longer posts:

Facebook’s own guide for boosting posts includes the tip to keep text short and concise. Facebook recommends no more than 150 characters on a text post to ensure people understand your message quickly.

However many characters you use, be sure your entire message is displayed to avoid having your message cut off and users having to make an extra click to finish reading. After all, people are inherently lazy and you don’t want to put any obstacles in their way.

The point is to grab users attention immediately with great picture, wow them with interesting headline, then motivate them to click through your link with short, sharp call to action.


Include a Quality Link

Linking your post to article with substantial text, or a well-written, informative page of your website (not your homepage!) is always a good strategy.

Yes, people are lazy, but search engines are not. A link from a Facebook post to any relevant article with substantial text with relevant and related keywords or course, even if it is from a third party blogger, or an authoritative website is great for your building organic reach. This type of topical content is more likely to be shared.


The Age Old Hashtag Question

Using hashtags to increase engagement is an issue that really divides the Facebook community. Hashtags were introduced in mid 2013 to to make Facebook content more searchable.

They turn topics and phrases into clickable links in your posts on your personal Timeline or Page helping others to find posts on that topic.

Not everyone uses hashtags on Facebook, so if you are going to make an impact with hashtags on Facebook, try these strategies:

  • Consistently use the same hashtags you use in other social media
  • Use only trending, popular or industry specific hashtags that are relevant to your audience
  • Only use a couple, and only if you have a likely to click on them.
  • Keep it to a minimum – some people suggest only one or two. But definitely no no more than four.


Timing is Everything

Knowing when to post to get your audience’s attention is vital.

Luckily with Facebook Insights you can review your audience’s Facebook habits to work for better engagement.

Check out the performance of your previous posts on every day of the week and experiment with post times. Although many companies like to tell us the best times to post on a Facebook, remember these statistics may not apply to your particular audience.

Every audience is unique and to make the most out of your hard work it is best to constantly analyse and review your audience’s behaviour and own patterns of behaviour. This is the best way to ensure you are achieving the maximum organic reach.


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